1960s Dune movie ChatGPT Midjourney

1960s Dune movie (ChatGPT & Midjourney)

So I decided to see which actors ChatGPT would cast in a hypothetical Dune movie made in 1969! I then used Midjourney to depict the actors as the various characters in the movie made in the 1960s. You can watch a video of the images or scroll down and view them below. Enjoy!

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Futuristic Faces of Midjourney

Futuristic Faces from Midjourney

I've been using Midjourney V5.1 recently. The results seem a significant improvement from previous versions, and a huge leap from less than a year ago.

This post features a collection of futuristic faces. Enjoy!

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Midjourney Science Fiction Concept Art

Midjourney Science Fiction Concept Art

In this post I wanted to share some cool images Midjourney created recently that I'm grouping under "Science Fiction Concept Art". If you'd like me to create some images for you feel free to email me at michaelhoweely [at] gmail.com.

Here's a video of the images along with some AI-generated music made using AIVA.

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A sinister being guarding a gateway to another dimension

Midjourney Concept Art - Guarding the Gateway

I was experimenting with the chaos function in Midjourney, and kept repeating the prompt "a sinister being guarding a gateway to another dimension. Cinematic. HD. HR giger. --ar 16:9 --v 5 --c 50" again and again. It created so many interesting and unique images I wanted to share them all in a video below.

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GPT4 story and Midjourney images Humans vs Robots

GPT-4 story and Midjourney images: Humans vs Robots

I was playing around making 1970s science fiction illustrations in Midjourney using around the theme of "human workers rising up against their cruel robot masters in the far future. 1970s science fiction illustration". I also thought it would be interesting to compare how ChatGPT 3's ability to create a plot synopsis compared with the newly released Chat GPT-4.

GPT-4 is the latest version of Open AI's popular and widely used tool ChatGPT. ChatGPT allows users to receive written feedback from most prompts and has the potential to revolutionize many industries and out-compete human workers. This seems like a good segway into the topic of this blog post about Midjourney and GPT-4; humans vs robots.

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Midjourney Concept Art A 1980s Dystopia

Midjourney Concept Art: A 1980s Dystopia

I've enjoyed using Midjourney, a new online AI image generator, for creating images. I enjoy creating images within a particular theme. Last time I created many images within the theme of "Retro Space Travel Photos". This time the theme is "a 1980s Dystopia".

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