Futuristic Faces from Midjourney

I’ve been using Midjourney V5.1 recently. The results seem a significant improvement from previous versions, and a huge leap from less than a year ago.

This post features a collection of futuristic faces. Enjoy!

a cyborg standing in front of a sunset. midjourney AI image. Futuristic.
a man wearing a red helmet. Midjourney.
a pretty female astronaut. illustration style.
a woman with a piercing gaze wearing an odd helmet.
an Alien man. Pale skin. Holes in skin. Midjourney. AI image. Science fiction. scifi.
a handsome man standing in front of a bright light. Science fiction. Midjourney.
a woman with an elaborate helmet on. AI generated image.
a robot standing in a field. menacing. Midjourney
a woman leading soldiers. 1970s science fiction. AI
a AI generated photo of a man wearing a helmet.
an asian woman with elaborate headress. midjourney images.

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