Midjourney Evolution: Version 1 - Version 6

Wanted to show some examples showing the rapid advance of Midjourney in the past couple of years.

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Kubrick The Matrix made in 1969 (ChatGPT & Midjourney)

The Matrix made in 1969 (ChatGPT & Midjourney)

I decided to ask ChatGPT who it would cast in a hypothetical version of the Matrix made in 1969, and then asked Midjourney to create images based on those choices!

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1960s Dune movie ChatGPT Midjourney

1960s Dune movie (ChatGPT & Midjourney)

So I decided to see which actors ChatGPT would cast in a hypothetical Dune movie made in 1969! I then used Midjourney to depict the actors as the various characters in the movie made in the 1960s. You can watch a video of the images or scroll down and view them below. Enjoy!

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Awesome Aliens Midjourney

Awesome Aliens (Midjourney)

Experimented with various Midjourney prompts to generate some images of aliens. Using Midjourney Version 5.1 the images are the best yet, and very bright, colourful and detailed. I hope you enjoy them!

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Futuristic Faces of Midjourney

Futuristic Faces from Midjourney

I've been using Midjourney V5.1 recently. The results seem a significant improvement from previous versions, and a huge leap from less than a year ago.

This post features a collection of futuristic faces. Enjoy!

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Midjourney Science Fiction Concept Art

Midjourney Science Fiction Concept Art

In this post I wanted to share some cool images Midjourney created recently that I'm grouping under "Science Fiction Concept Art". If you'd like me to create some images for you feel free to email me at michaelhoweely [at] gmail.com.

Here's a video of the images along with some AI-generated music made using AIVA.

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Brutalism dystopia midjourney concept movie

Midjourney Concept Video - Brutalist Dystopia

I experimented with creating a Midjourney Concept Video based on images based around the idea of a "Brutalist Dystopia". That is, a dystopia with lots of Brutalist architecture. Below is the video!

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A sinister being guarding a gateway to another dimension

Midjourney Concept Art - Guarding the Gateway

I was experimenting with the chaos function in Midjourney, and kept repeating the prompt "a sinister being guarding a gateway to another dimension. Cinematic. HD. HR giger. --ar 16:9 --v 5 --c 50" again and again. It created so many interesting and unique images I wanted to share them all in a video below.

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using midjourney for photography

Using Midjourney for Photography

Recently a few people have reached out to me about creating some images using Midjourney for them. I figured I'd share some examples of potential uses of Midjourney for creating photographic images.

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Midjourney Realism August 2022 vs March 2023

Midjourney Realism: August 2022 vs March 2023

Midjourney V5 was recently released, and I wanted to compare Version 3 images from August 2022 with images created using the same prompts in March 2023 and see how they compared in terms of realism.

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