Midjourney Science Fiction Concept Art

In this post I wanted to share some cool images Midjourney created recently that I’m grouping under “Science Fiction Concept Art”. If you’d like me to create some images for you feel free to email me at michaelhoweely [at] gmail.com.

Here’s a video of the images along with some AI-generated music made using AIVA.

Midjourney Science Fiction Images

Some of the better quality ones are made using Midjourney Version 5.1 while most were made using V5. Enjoy!

A cybernetic woman. science fiction concept art.
a red space ship floating above a city.
a grizzled far future warrior.
a woman wearing an elaborate space suit. midjourney. scifi
a man gazing up at a giant citadel in the desert. science fiction
nervous female astronauts. mid journey science fiction.
an armored robot suit. midjourney. Science Fiction Concept Art
a man looking at a spaceship take off in the rain. AI art
an astronaut exploring a jungle in the 1970s.
an elaborate armoured gold suit.
A man wears white face paint and elaborate robes. Futuristic. Intricate details. Highly detailed. Epic design. Science Fiction. Cinematic.
a man looking at a spaceship in the desert. mid journey.  Science Fiction Concept Art
woman walks past thousands of soldiers to elaborately designed spaceship.  Science Fiction Concept Art
an african warrior. Science Fiction Concept Art. Artificial intelligence generated.
astronauts approach gigantic organic creature. Science Fiction Concept Art
close up of bizarre alien creature.
an alien city scape. ai art.
alien city on distant planet.
a man standing next to retro futuristic car.
four astronauts walking on surface of distant planet. ai science fiction.
a man encounters a bizarre alien creature in the mist.
an alien creature on an alien planet.
a woman gazing up at a sleek spacecraft.  Science Fiction Concept Art
strange women wearing weird white outfits. sci fi
Science Fiction Concept Art of a bizarre alien world.
a confident female astronaut.
a futuristic priest walking past a spacecraft. midjourney artwork.
close up of a futuristic soldier. science fiction. AI art. Midjourney.

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