Using ChatGPT to generate Marketing Content from Images

I thought I'd share a few examples of how you can use ChatGPT for generating marketing content. In this example a product description and tweets about the product.

In the example below I've created images in Midjourney, an AI image generator, and then asked Chat GPT to write product descriptions and tweets. You can see more examples of Midjourney images on my YouTube channel.

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A to Z of Programmatic Advertising

The A to Z of Programmatic Advertising (ChatGPT)

There are a lot of different concepts and acronyms within programmatic advertising. I asked OpenAI's AI-powered language model ChatGPT (Version 4) to list various concepts and terms related to programmatic advertising by letter of the alphabet.


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Testing out ChatGPT Code Interpreter

Testing out ChatGPT Code Interpreter

I just wanted to document my first interactions with ChatGPT's new Code Interpreter.

I used a data set from the Toronto Police Service Public Safety Data Portal.

This is a screenshot of what the data looks like in the CSV file I downloaded.

CSV file toronto crime data

1. Describing the Dataset itself

I asked the Code Interpreter "Can you provide some insights about crime in Toronto based on this data?"

There is a lot going on under the hood which you take a look at, as shown below. ChatGPT uses Python code to create the visualizations.

ChatGPT uses Python code to create the visualizations.

2. Analyzing the Data

ChatGPT provides some analysis of the data.

3. Visualizing the Data

The real cool stuff when ChatGPT visualizes the data. The following were created as image files.

4. Asking ChatGPT for some Unusual Visualizations

I asked ChatGPT for some unusual or interesting data visualizations and it gave me the following;

WordCloud for Neighbourhoods: This word cloud represents the frequency of homicides in various neighbourhoods. The size of each neighbourhood name in the word cloud corresponds to the frequency of homicides in that neighbourhood. Larger names correspond to neighbourhoods with more incidents. This visualization provides an immediate visual understanding of the areas with the most frequent incidents.

Donut Plot for Crime Type: This donut plot provides a visual breakdown of the types of homicides in the dataset. The size of each section corresponds to the frequency of each type of homicide, with labels and percentages for clarity. This visualization provides a clear and immediate understanding of the most common types of homicides.

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Futuristic Faces of Midjourney

Futuristic Faces from Midjourney

I've been using Midjourney V5.1 recently. The results seem a significant improvement from previous versions, and a huge leap from less than a year ago.

This post features a collection of futuristic faces. Enjoy!

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Brutalism dystopia midjourney concept movie

Midjourney Concept Video - Brutalist Dystopia

I experimented with creating a Midjourney Concept Video based on images based around the idea of a "Brutalist Dystopia". That is, a dystopia with lots of Brutalist architecture. Below is the video!

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ChatGPT-4 created and visualized the top 30 Wine Farms near Cape Town

ChatGPT-4 created and visualized the top 30 Wine Farms near Cape Town

Below is an interactive map showing the top 30 wine farms surrounding. I created it relatively quickly using ChatGPT-4!

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Analyzing Google Analytics data using ChatGPT4

Analyzing Google Analytics data using ChatGPT-4

I wanted to try analyzing Google Analytics data using ChatGPT-4. This is very basic stuff, but wanted to document the first tentative awkward steps in the process.

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ChatGPT4 made this game

ChatGPT-4 made this game!

I asked ChatGPT-4 to make a game similar to the famous "Dinosaur Game" that you can play in Google Chrome.

Below is the game! Use the W key to make the square jump over the rapidly approaching green blocks!

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