Midjourney Concept Video – Brutalist Dystopia

I experimented with creating a Midjourney Concept Video based on images based around the idea of a “Brutalist Dystopia”. That is, a dystopia with lots of Brutalist architecture. Below is the video!

Summary from ChatGPT-4 on Brutalist Architecture

Brutalist architecture is a style that emerged in the mid-20th century, primarily between the 1950s and 1970s. It is characterized by its raw, unadorned aesthetic, which features massive, monolithic structures made primarily of exposed concrete or brick. The term “Brutalist” is derived from the French term “béton brut,” which translates to “raw concrete.”

Brutalist architecture was a reaction against the more ornate and decorative styles of the time, such as Modernism and the International Style. It aimed to showcase the honesty, integrity, and functional aspects of buildings. Key proponents of Brutalist architecture include Le Corbusier, Alison and Peter Smithson, and Paul Rudolph.

Some common features of Brutalist architecture include:

  1. Bold, geometric forms
  2. Unapologetic use of raw materials, such as concrete, brick, or steel
  3. A focus on functional spaces and utilitarian design
  4. A lack of ornamentation and decoration
  5. An emphasis on the sculptural quality of the building

While Brutalist architecture was initially celebrated for its striking appearance and honest expression of materials, it eventually fell out of favor due to associations with urban decay, poor maintenance, and a perceived coldness or inhumanity in its designs. However, in recent years, Brutalism has experienced a resurgence in interest and appreciation, with many enthusiasts admiring the style’s bold forms and uncompromising aesthetic.

Brutalist Dystopia Midjourney Images

Brutalist Dystopia. Massive brutalism building. midjourney. AI art
Brutalist Dystopia. soldier stands in the rain. midjourney. AI art
flying vehicle in gloomy city
sad woman in a dystopia
ugly brutalist building
soldiers standing in the rain
protester with fire behind him
soldiers in brutalist dystopia
crashing flying vehicle
cheering protester in the rain in brutalist dystopia
crashing vehicle
screaming general
intimidating dystopian soldier
Brutalist Dystopia but smiling girl
Brutalism dystopia midjourney concept movie

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