How to make a Looker Studio Connection Map

In this blog post I’ll show you how to build a Connection Map in Looker Studio. A Connection Map is a type of Google Map in Looker Studio that allows you to map a line between two points on a map.

The Looker Studio Connection Map

Below is the Looker Studio Connection Map, it’s best viewed on a Desktop and either in Looker Studio (click bottom right of report) or full screen.

How to create the Connection Map in Looker Studio

The first thing we need to do to create a connection map is make sure we have at least two location data points.

  • Point A
  • Point B

In this case, with the help of ChatGPT, I’ve compiled a list of the world’s busiest flight routes.

list of busiest flight routes

When you add the data to Looker Studio, change both Point A and Point B to be an “Address” Geo data type.

address data type looker studio

Then add a chart and select Connection Map as the type of Google Map you want to add.

chart types looker studio

You can then add Point A as Point 1 and Point B as Point 2 when setting up your chart.

I’ve also distinguished each route by using Route as the colour dimension (Route being Seoul – Tokyo, New York – Los Angeles etc) and made the thickness based on the number of passengers per year.

setting up a connection map in google looker studio

Therefore when we look at the routes in East Asia, we see the Seoul – Jeju is the route with the most passengers, as shown by the thickness of the line.

connection map google looker studio flight routes asia

Below we can see the data in table, with country flags added in using the IMAGE function.

One cool thing about the level of detail in Google Maps is being able to zoom into the different airports. In the video below I show you the two major airports serving Seoul; Gimpo and Incheon.

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