North American Sports Team Data Visualization

All the different sports teams and leagues across the US and Canada had always seemed a bit overwhelming, so I decided to make a report in Looker Studio to visualize which teams from which leagues are in which cities. Hope you enjoy!

About the Looker Studio Dashboard

I had always thought it would be cool to get a sense of how all the sports teams across the US and Canada fit together, so I decided to compile the data and make a dashboard using Looker Studio.

US and Canada sports leagues

The top of the dashboard shows the total number of teams for the US and Canada, and well as the number of teams within each league.

  • 32 teams in the NHL (National Hockey League)
  • 32 teams in the NFL (National Football League) (US only)
  • 30 teams in the NBA (National Basketball Association)
  • 30 teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball)
  • 29 teams in the MLS (Major League Soccer)
  • 9 teams in the CFL (Canadian Football League) (Canada only)

Using the Dashboard

You can use various filters to interact with the dashboard, as shown in the video below.

You can filter by clicking on one of the items in the tables, or by clicking a city on the map itself. Watch the video below to see how to do it.

You can filter by League, State / Province, or City to see which teams play for which leagues in each city.

You can also zoom in on the map to see exactly where various teams within a region are located.

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North American Sports Teams Data Visualization
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