Mapping all WWE pay per view events in Looker Studio

In this post I’ll show you a Looker Studio dashboard I’ve built that lets you view all of WWE‘s pay per view events over the last 40 years.

Using the Looker Studio dashboard

So there is data for every WWE / WWF pay per view event going back to 1985. It lists the date, name, poster, main event, venue, location, flag of country where it was held, and a link to more information about the event.

The chart below also shows in which countries WWE has held their major pay per views. We can see that recently they’re holding more events outside the US and Canada.

WWE events by location data visualization

And as fitting the blog post title, there is an interactive Google Map you can view in the dashboard that let’s you dive in and explore where the events were held.

The Looker Studio dashboard also has several filters you can use to segment your data. You can filter by year, pay per view, city, state / province, country and also by the main event of the pay per view.

Below is an example of how you can filter by main event to see how often various WWE wrestlers headlined various events.

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