Random, Arty Google Data Studio Templates

So occasionally I’ll mess around and create random Google Data Studio Templates while drinking.

I’ve never known what to do with them but decided I will stick them here.

So without further ado…

As Above, So Below, Super Mario

So further context will be provided.

Red Minimalist

No further context or explanation will be provided.


Making some pretty patterns out of data. Use the Channel Grouping and Country filters to see different patterns.

The Nonsensical Meme Generator

Memes are fun. What is even more fun is when they make absolutely no sense and are randomly put together in Google Data Studio. Any logic or internal consistency is by accident not design.

For a more coherent post about how to spice up your Data Studio Reports with memes read this post.

Data Face

Meet Data Face. He just wants to be friends. Will you be his friend?

If you’d like some real Google Data Studio templates…

Download Google Data Studio Templates

If you’d like to download one of my Google Data Studio reports as a template to use for your own data, you can visit Data Studio Templates and purchase one.

Google Data Studio Templates