How to create a Virtual Art Gallery in Google Data Studio

Since many people are all stuck in Coronavirus lockdowns all over the world at the moment, so I thought I’d have a go at creating a virtual art gallery in Google Data Studio!

The Virtual Art Gallery

Below, for your enjoyment, is a virtual art gallery!

It uses a large public data set from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) in New York.

The Data Source

This Data Studio report is based on one of the many Public data sets available in Google BigQuery. There are many fantastic public data sets that you can take a look in BigQuery.

The Met Public Domain Art Works has well over 200,000 works available. Here is a link to a blog post about the Met data being available for anyone to use and have access to via BigQuery.

The Met Public Domain Art Works public data set in google big query

Below is what the data set looks like in Google Data Studio. The only field you need to create is the Image field using the IMAGE formula = IMAGE(image url).

Unfortunately many of the fields are blank and there is no data listed for many of the images. On page three of the report I’ve created a list of artworks but much of the data is listed as ‘null’ because it doesn’t exist.

The Met Public Domain Art Works public data set in google data studio

I hope you found this interesting and enjoyed visiting the virtual Art Gallery in Google Data Studio! For those wondering, the photos in the background were taken at the wonderful National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.

painting being displayed in the virtual Art Gallery in Google Data Studio

You can also venture into Room 2 if you dare…

A screenshot from a virtual art gallery created in google data studio using public data set via BigQuery

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