How to add Images to a table in Google Data Studio

In this post I’ll show how you can add images to a table in Google Data Studio.

I need to thank Lee Hurst @Helpfullee for introducing me to this method. I came across it in his excellent Data Studio Resource finder.

If you’re interested in this topic you should take a look at ClickInsight’s very good post on the topic, as well as Google Data Studio’s information on adding images.

After some thinking I decided to do something a bit fun with these images, and use them to display the album covers of the Prodigy. Each image is based on a link to the album cover image filed on Wikipedia.

How to add Images to a table in Google Data Studio

For this Data Studio report I decided to create a table in Google Sheets with some simple information about the Prodigy’s studio albums.

This was the Album title, Release Date, number of UK sales, the AllMusic Rating and (importantly for this post) the Image URL.

How to add Images to a table in Google Data Studio

I then added my table as a data source to a new Data Studio report.

How to add Images to a table in Google Data Studio

The next step is to create the Image field that we want to have.

The formula for this is fairly simple:

 IMAGE(Image URL, [Alternative Text])


Image URL – a field or expression that evaluates to a URL.
Alternative Text – (optional) a field or expression that evaluates to Text.

For our Prodigy post, we’ll use a formula like this:

IMAGE(Image URL,Album)
A description of the IMAGE function in Google Data Studio

Therefore the image will be based on the link to the album cover, and the alternative text will be the Album name.

Now that we’ve created our Image dimension our data should look this this:

Our Data Source in Google Data studio.

We can then go into our presentation and add a table with the data set up like this:

The data setup for a table showing images in Data Studio.

And then our table should look something like what is shown below.

A table showing the Prodigy album covers as images in Data Studio.

Hope this was useful!

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