How to compare two websites in Google Data Studio

How to compare two websites in Google Data Studio

In this post I’ll show you how you can compare two websites in Google Data Studio. Imagine you have two websites and are curious about how they compare with one another. Using Data Studio, you can set up a custom dashboard to see how they are both doing.

A practical example of this is if you had two blogs, are wanted to see which one was bringing in more visitors.

It’s simple to combine data from two websites in Data Studio, and I’ll show you how to do it in this post.

Below is a dashboard showing the performance of two websites since January 2019.

1. Adding two different Google Analytics accounts to Data Studio

So the first thing to do is to add two different Google Analytics accounts to one report.

Add your first website as a Data Source.

Select Google Analytics as a Data Source

Then add your second website as another data source.

Select Google Analytics as a Data Source

Now you should have two different data sources in the Data Studio.

Once you’ve added your two different accounts we can get started.

2. Blending Data to create a combined Time Series

Let’s call the first website Website A and the second Website B. To differentiate between them we will colour code them. Website A will be red and Website B will be blue.

Add a Time Series graph showing sessions for each of the websites. Make sure to label the each graph so you know which is which. As shown below I’ve labelled them A Sessions and B Sessions to let me know which is which.

Now we get to the part where we need to combine them. Simply select both charts, right-click and choose “Blend data” from the menu.

As shown below, it automatically creates a new Chart with data from both charts (and a new Blended data source behind the scenes).

3. Creating a Channel grouping bar chart using blended data

We’ve made our combined time series chart, and the second chart we’re going to make is a bar chart showing a breakdown of sessions by Channel grouping.

We follow the same procedure as before, by selecting both charts, right-clicking and choosing to “Blend data”.

We now have our report showing data for both websites.

How to compare two websites in Google Data Studio

Hope you found this article about how to compare two websites in Google Data Studio useful.

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  • Great Blog…It’s really very useful for a marketer point of view. We can easily create a single report for two websites. Data studio Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and beautiful reports that inspire smarter business decisions. Data studio has the ability to pull data from varies sources. We can easily create and manage our data for analytics, AdWords, Search Console, YouTube, etc.

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