How to add a Feedback form to Google Data Studio

In this post I’ll show you how to add a Feedback Form to Google Data Studio.

This will allow you and your team to post feedback about the Data Studio report, as well as to note any annotations or make comments on the data itself.

Below is the Data Studio. The Google Form is in the bottom right corner of the report. If you are viewing the report when it is embedded on the page, you will not see the Form. You need to open the report in Google Data Studio to see it.

Also notice that there is a list of comments in the bottom left-hand corner of the report. This lets others see the the comments made on the report.

I’ll show you the steps you need to take to add the form and the table showing the feedback.

1. Create your Google Data Studio report

The first step is to create your Data Studio report.

For this example, I’ve created one using Google Analytics data. I’ve added a time series chart showing page views over time, and a table showing channel, users, page views, and pages per session.

I’ve also added three scorecards showing the total number of users, page views, and pages per session for the time period.

The Data Studio with charts and graphs.

Once we have our Data Studio report completed, we can move onto the next step.

2. Create your Feedback form

Next, we must create a Google Form to use to gather feedback and allow users to submit comments.

Go to Google Forms and create a new form.

Clicking to create a new Google Form

The one I created looks like what is shown below.

A Google Feedback form to Google Data Studio. Will allow comments to be submitted and displayed.

3. Connect your Form to Google Sheets

The next step is to connect your feedback form to Google Sheets. This is relatively straightforward, and I’ve covered it in a previous blog post.

How to display Google Form results in Google Sheets

You can click to ‘view responses in Sheets’ and then to ‘Create a new spreadsheet’ if you wish, or use an existing spreadsheet.

How to display Google Form results in Google Sheets

Once you’ve done that the responses will appear automatically in Google Sheets.

4. Embed your Feedback Form in Data Studio

The next thing you need to do is to add your Form to the Data Studio report.

In Google Forms, click on ‘Send’.

Clicking the URL link is the simplest way to add a Feedback form to Google Data Studio.

Important: You need to copy the URL link, not the embed link. The embed link won’t work in Data Studio.

Embedding the form in the report is fairly simple. Just click on the URL Embed icon.

Click the URL embed icon in Data Studio

And paste the link to the Form.

Paste the URL to the external content you want to embed in Google Data Studio.

It should now appear in your Data Studio report, and you can rearrange its size however you want.

5. Display Form responses in the report

The final step is to link the Form responses from Google Sheets in the Data Studio report.

This is fairly straightforward. You need to:

  • Add a new data source to the report
  • Choose Google Sheets as your connector
  • Choose the correct sheet with the Feedback Form responses

In my case, the data source looked like this.

The Form responses data source.

Finally we can create a table displaying all the annotations, commentary and feedback from the form.

A table displaying the responses to the Google Form collecting feedback.

Hoped you found this article about how connect a Feedback form to Google Data Studio useful!

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