Express Entry Immigrants to Canada by Province and Country

Express Entry Immigrants to Canada by Province and Country

So as someone who has immigrated to Canada through Express Entry myself, I thought it would be interesting to look at Express Entry Immigrants to Canada by Province and Country in a Data Visualization.

The Express Entry by Province / Country of Citizenship Data Studio

Below is the Google Data Studio report displaying Express Entry data by Province / Territory between 2015 and 2020.

What is Express Entry?

According to the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) Express Entry is “The application process for skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently and take part in our economy.” It is described on Wikipedia as “a system used by the Canadian government to manage Canadian permanent residence applications for filling labor gaps through certain economic immigration programs.”

Express Entry is the system used by all Canadian provinces and territories with the exception of Quebec. Quebec uses its own immigration system run by the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration. It is a government department in the Canadian province of Quebec responsible for immigration in Quebec

This Data Source is from the IRCC. You can view the data here;

It indicated People who have been granted permanent resident status in Canada by the Province they immigrate to and their country of citizenhip.

There is an important note about values less than five in the dataset.

“Please note that in these datasets, the figures have been suppressed or rounded to prevent the identification of individuals when the datasets are compiled and compared with other publicly available statistics. Values between 0 and 5 are shown as “–“ and all other values are rounded to the nearest multiple of 5. This may result to the sum of the figures not equating to the totals indicated.” – Permanent Residents – Monthly IRCC Updates

In order to make sure that smaller values are not left out of the final data set, I have used a formula in Excel to randomly generate a number between 1 and 4 in each of the hidden cells.

The Excel formula is =RANDBETWEEN(1,3). This would mean that the final totals are inaccurate, but they do approximate the actual immigration numbers.

The actual total number of Express Entry immigrants from 2015 to May 2020 is 341,480. The total I have after having randomly assigned values between 1 and 3 for the missing data (–) is 340,864. So it is slighty less than the total number.

Looking at South Africans Express Entry Immigrants

So taking a look at how many South Africans have used Express Entry.

The number I have is 3940. This is due to numbers below 5 in the original IRCC data source needing to be replaced with random numbers that are 1, 2 or 3. This is a way to include small batches of immigrants while keeping the total number of immigrants broadly accurate.

The actual total number of South Africans from the past five years (2015 up until May 2020) is 3980. But adding in the smaller values (below 5) helps approximate the small values left blank by the IRCC for security reasons.

Below is a screenshot of the report showing the number of South Africans by province.

Two maps showing the number of South African express entry immigrants to Canada by province

Below is a table showing the approximate number of South African express entry immigrants to Canada by Province or Territory.

Province / TerritoryEE Immigrants
British Columbia910
Nova Scotia 85
New Brunswick31
Prince Edward Island25
Newfoundland and Labrador21
Northwest Territories16
Total South African EE immigrants3940

Between 2015 and the end of May 2020 we can see that 2018 was the peak year for South African immigrants via Express Entry.

a chart showing the number of south african express entry immigrants to canada by year

I hope you found this article useful and interesting!

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