A Daily Analytics dashboard in Google Data Studio

In this post I’ve created a Daily Analytics Dashboard in Google Data Studio. Although it shows the performance of the past week, I call it a ‘Daily Dashboard’ because its the type of dashboard I would like to check it with daily.

I wanted to make something that showed the performance of the website so far that day, and for the previous week.

I aimed to make it a mid-way point between desktop and mobile, so usable on both type of devices.

Below is the dashboard itself, and I’ll show you how some of the graphs are set up.

Creating a Daily Analytics dashboard in Google Data Studio

Most of the charts in the dashboard are relatively straightforward.

However, I did want to simplify a graph showing the default channel grouping. I only wanted to focus on social, organic and direct traffic.

So I created a CASE statement that only focuses on those channels.

Custom channel grouping using a CASE statement for the Daily Analytics dashboard in Data Studio.
    WHEN Default Channel Grouping IN ("Social") THEN "Social" 
    WHEN Default Channel Grouping IN ("Organic Search") THEN "Organic Search" 
    WHEN Default Channel Grouping IN ("Direct") THEN "Direct" 
    ELSE "Other" 

I then get a much simpler view of my channels.

Below is a gif showing how I used the new hierarchy feature to make the geo-map interactive.

Above: The new hierarchy function allows you to drill up and down into your dimensions.

I hope you found this useful!

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