How to create a Twitter Dashboard in Google Data Studio

How to create a Twitter Dashboard in Google Data Studio

In this post I’ll show you how to make a Twitter Dashboard in Google Data Studio. This dashboard I created shows who’s been tweeting about the term#DataStudio.

Below is the dashboard, and then I’ll show you how to create one like it.

How to build a Twitter dashboard to see who’s tweeting about #DataStudio

The first step is to choose the Twitter connector under Data sources.

How to create a Twitter Dashboard in Data Studio. Start by adding the Twitter connector as the data source.

We can then type in the search term we’re interested in.

How to create a Twitter Dashboard in Google Data Studio

Important Note: The Twitter connector is not particularly stable or reliable. And it can be finicky and stop working at any moment.

Once we’ve added the Twitter data we can view as a data source.

The Twitter data source when adding it to Data Studio.

One thing I’ve done is create a custom field that combines Favorite Count and Retweet Count into a new metric called “Tweet Interactions”.

A custom formula for tweet interactions in Data Studio.

Once we’ve added this custom field, let’s create the main table for the data.

I’ve created a table with this setup.

The data for the table in Data Studio.

I’ve also decided to change the theme to Simple Dark.

Changing the theme to Simple Dark in Data studio.

With some cosmetic changes, our table can look something like this.

A Twitter Dashboard in Google Data Studio

As mentioned before, the Twitter connector can be unpredictable and glitchy.

But one of the features that does work is generating a geo map based on the Twitter profile’s user location. Despite the formatting for user location being very varied Google Data Studio makes a brave effort to place them on a map.

For example, we can see lots of tweets from Rochester, NY that might be from Data Studio guru Lee Hurst!

A map showing tweets from Rochester, NY.

It’s worth noting at this point that when the Twitter connector works its cool and useful. But you may see the following a lot when using it in Data Studio.

A system error in Data Studio.

Hopefully the Twitter connector works for you and you can keep track of some trending terms!

And hope you enjoyed learning about creating a Twitter Dashboard in Google Data Studio.

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  • Christopher Bell says:

    is the search term for your own tweets ?? or all of twitter !

  • Carlos says:

    Hello, about the search term, is it possible to have a group of terms such as “food” & “italy” so I get the results from any tweet who has either term? thanks for your kind reply

  • Allan says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the great example! I was just wondering if it’s possible to view the tweets from a specific username?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Allan, you could try create a table filter to include only screen name / full name = XXXX (whoever it is you want to keep track of). Haven’t tried it but could be possible. Be warned the twitter connector can be buggy so keep that in mind.

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