Filtering Data using a Geo Map Region in Google Data Studio

In this post I’ll show you a simple method for Filtering Data using a Geo Map Region in Google Data Studio.

I’d like to thank Lee Hurst (@Helpfullee) for giving me the idea to try out filtering by using geographic regions.

Below is the Data Studio I reported. It shows users from Canada that visited the Google Merchandise Store.

Try click on any of the provinces on the map.

You’ll see that it filters the two tables to show only that province and only cities in that Province.

How to add this Filtering to your Geo Maps

It’s very easy to add this feature to your map.

Simple click ‘Apply filter’ under Interactions under the Data tab for the Geo Map, as shown below.

In order to make sure the tables only included Canadian provinces and cities, you’ll need to create a filter to only include Canada.

The filter I used was;

Include > Country > Equal to (=) > Canada

Apply this filter to all charts and your map to ensure you’re seeing the correct number of users.

I hope you found this article about Filtering Data using a Geo Map Region useful!

Update on Data Studio Geo-Maps

Google Data Studio’s new Hierarchy feature allows you to zoom into regions and cities on a standard geo-map. Check out this blog post giving an example of it.

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