How to track YouTube video views using Google Tag Manager

By 19th Feb 2019Blog, Google Tag Manager
How to Track YouTube video views using Google Tag Manager

Today I’ll be sharing a method for tracking YouTube video views using Google Tag Manager.

This method is used for tracking embedded YouTube videos on your website.

Let’s start by embedding a YouTube video, like the one below.

Now, let’s go through the steps necessary to measure video views on your site.

Let’s start by adding a new tag.

We’ll use a Google Analytics – Universal Analytics tag type.

For the Tag Configuration, we will step the Track Type as Event, the Category as Video, and the Action as YouTube video play.

For the label, you may need to activate the variable ‘Video Title’

You’ll need to go into Configure Variable to activate the Video Title.

We know can set up the Tag how we want it. With {{Video Title}} as the label. This will allow us to easily see the YouTube video in Google Analytics or Google Data Studio.

To finish setting up the Tag, we will need to set up the trigger.

We will select the trigger type ‘YouTube Video’.

You can set up the Trigger Configuration like it is set up below.

The tag should now be set up like this.

After you’ve previewed it in Google Tag Manager, you look in Google Analytics and see which events are registered.

Confirming the Event tag is working in Google Analytics

We can look at Real-Time > Events in Google Analytics.

If we click the video, the accurate event label should appear.

We can see that the correct event label appears, and therefore our tag is working correctly.

Make sure to submit your changes to your Video Tag.

Using Google Data Studio to view Video Events

Below is a Google Data Studio report showing only ‘Video’ Event category events.

Update: Thanks to Google Analytics for sharing this post!

A big thank you to @GoogleAnalytics for sharing this post on Twitter and LinkedIn. Hope some people found it useful!