How to integrate Typeform, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

Below is a Typeform survey. Feel free to fill it in. The results of this survey are automatically sent to a Google sheet. They are then sent to a Google Data Studio report, which you will see if you scroll down.

powered by Typeform

Typeform is a great survey platform, which I’ve been using for many years. It’s easy to use, mobile-friendly and can be customized to match your brand very easily. I’d highly recommend them for any surveys or market research you may need to do.

The results of this survey are sent directly to a Google Sheet, and then displayed in the Google Data Studio report below. Displaying Typeform results this way can be an option when wanting to combine survey data with other types of data.

How to connect Google Data Studio to Typeform

Once you’ve created your Typeform survey, you click ‘Connect’ from the main menu.

It will then bring up a list of Integrations.

Choose Google Sheets as your connection to Typeform.

Choose Google Sheets and click Connect

Choose the preferred Google account.

Choose which Google account you’d like to link to Typeform.

Choose if you want to create a new Google sheet or use an existing sheet.

Choose whether you want to create a new Google sheet to store the responses, or if you want to use an existing sheet.

This is an example of Typeform survey responses in a Google sheet.

Once you’ve created or selected your sheet the Typeform Survey responses will start appearing in the sheet.

The next step is to create a Google Data Studio report.

One of the first steps in creating a Data Studio report is to select the data source. Choose Google Sheets as your data source.

Choose Google Sheets as your data source in Data Studio

Select the specific Worksheet with the same name as your Typeform survey.

Connect Data studio to the specific Worksheet where the Typeform responses are sitting.

An issue you may find is that there may not be a field that you can use as a metric to count the number of responses.

This particular Typeform survey has no numerical responses we can use as a metric in Data Studio.

To get around this, you can create a metric in Data Studio that counts each distinct token. A token is created in Typeform for each unique survey response. By counting the number of individual tokens we can get the number of unique responses to our survey.

Create a custom metric that counts each distinct token.

Once you have this you can then create your Data Studio report using the survey responses as the data. As more responses get collected in Typeform, they are automatically sent to Google Sheets. Google Data Studio then refreshes with the new survey responses, ensuring you have a relatively up-to-date view of your survey.

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