Places I’ve been and Photos I’ve taken

This is an interactive map showing places I’ve lived and traveled to, as well as the photos I’ve taken there.

To view the Google Map, you’ll need to click the Google Data Studio logo on the bottom right corner of the report.

Open report in Google Data Studio

This will open it in a new tab and allow you to view and interact with the map.


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  • This is really cool Michael!

    On your second page, with the big map, I noticed that Google maps sometimes “zooms” in to a country when you click on the country name in the table (ie: Australia and China) – and other times it just switches the view without zooming (Kenya). Is that a setting users have control over or is it just the magic of google maps integration making its own mind up?

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Bartholomew! Appreciate the compliment.
      In terms of how the map zooms in and out – No, you can’t change the settings much. So if there’s any differences between countries then it’s just based on how Google Maps works its magic in that instance.
      Hope that clears things up!

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